A Wealth of Options from Respected Providers.

T.D. Norton presents a broad spectrum of insurance options for its clients. The company focuses uniquely on property coverage, specializing in protecting all of your personal and business assets from any type of loss. Whether you're in need of auto, homeowner, watercraft, commercial, or umbrella insurance, T.D. Norton will create exactly the right coverage to keep your assets secure
There's No Place Like Home.
Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, designing your dream home, or remodeling a "fixer upper," insurance coverage is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. You may be settling down, but your insurance needs will always be changing. With thorough analyses of the market and your property, T.D. Norton will always make sure you have just the right coverage to protect against loss of your home and its contents.
On the Road Again.
Whether you’re buying a new car or your teenager is about to hit the road, T. D. Norton will be certain your auto insurance coverage precisely meets your needs. Maybe you would be wiser to lease, not own your car. Perhaps your teenager has excellent grades, qualifying for special discounts. Evaluating these and many other issues on an individual basis to determine the optimal coverage separates T. D. Norton from other insurance agencies. Let us give you a competitive quote.
Business is Business.
Insurance is one of the major means of separating your business assets from any personal claims against you (and vice versa). Let T. D. Norton show you how to separately endemnify your personal and business assets to protect you against any claims against either entity.