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Rat rod

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It's not a good day when you need us. Let us be the ones that are there for you when you don't know what to do. Let us be your shoulder and experienced hand to guide you through those moments when you get tapped on the rear of your car, the tree falls on your room, or that customer has an accident at your business.

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Nothing beats a great day on the ocean or the lake with the family and friends enjoying the atmosphere of fun, excitement, and rest all at once.  We can't protect you from the other boaters, but we are there for you when the unexpected occurs.

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Motorcycles | Off Road Vehicles

Challenge the climb, toss some mud at your friends, make that jump, do those donuts in the desert, have fun and be safe!  However, things can go wrong.  When they do, we are here to help pick up the pieces, broken bones, shattered axles, bent frames, and whatever else is tossed back at you.

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Since 1993

What You Can Expect

Having dedicated the last 27 years to providing personal and business insurance lines for Southern California, you can have confidence in every decision we make together.

My clients enjoy how hands-on we are, as well as, how much care and effort we place into each moment and decision you will make and go through.

Let us be your insurance partner.  Let us be your guide when it matters.

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Next Steps...

It's time to put the rubber to the road.  Let's connect and put the power of protection and security in your hands today.